‘Ayaz Rasool Nazki recites “Songs of light”

  • Zakia Zubir Rafiqi
  • Publish Date: Jul 7 2017 10:23PM
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  • Updated Date: Jul 7 2017 10:23PM
‘Ayaz Rasool Nazki recites “Songs of light”

Always under turbulence, this land continues to bear many secrets, misfortunes, conflicts and not to forget, much chaos.

As we elucidate further, if chaos was a work of art, this land would be the masterpiece, from within it arising, great artists, and great poets.

Amidst one such turmoil, chaos again bore witness to the ‘Songs of Light’; as people gathered at Kathi Junction, Sarah City Centre,  with hearts in their hands to cherish the beauty of poetry, the first insight to Dr. Ayaz Rasool Nazki’s  first English publication, the ‘Songs Of Light.’

Dr. Ayaz Rasool Nazki has accomplished much through his works in the Kashmiri and Urdu language, ranging from poems to books, also translations and has now decided to sail to the shores of the English language as well.

The event was held in Ramzan, with a brief introduction of Dr. Ayaz Rasool Nazki, and his achievements over the years, moderated by Huzaifa Pandit, and then followed by a recital of a few poems from the book.

The book also includes translations of works by Shams Faqeer, titled as ‘Echoing Shams Faqeer’. Deep discussions were also held about the various poems of the book.

After the recital, there was an interaction between the intellectuals, about the book, the audience was illuminated by the presence of Mr. Farooq Rasool Nazki, and the family members of Dr. Ayaz Rasool Nazki.

 It was concluded by a question answer session. Dr. Nazki then interacted with the audience, when questioned regarding his views towards poetry, , his philosophy, his lifestyle etc,  by many young poets and writers present there.

“If anything limits your creativity, give it up” said Dr. Ayaz Rasool Nazki, to  all young and creative minds out there.

The event concluded with some words by the host Mr Javid Parsa himself.

“I always wanted to create a space where people could discuss, share views and read as such” said Parsa.



"I was good at numbers, I was called to count the dead

I was good at good at loom, i was called to weave shrouds

I was good at tilling the land, I was called to dig the graves

 Ayaz Rasool Nazki.