Blazing A Trail

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  • Publish Date: Apr 16 2018 1:54AM
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  • Updated Date: Apr 16 2018 1:54AM
Blazing A Trail

By getting into the Ivy League, Adeeba Tak and Moin Mir have shone the path for many young Kashmiri students.


Joining the swelling ranks of Kashmiri students getting admitted in prestigious foreign educational institutions, Adeeba Tak from Shopian has got an admission offer from the University of Pennsylvania in the United States. UPenn, as it’s popularly known, is part of the country’s elite group of universities called the Ivy League. It’s alma mater to 30 Nobel laureates, two US presidents and several CEOs running Fortune 500 companies. What’s more, Adeeba has been offered a full scholarship, covering her tuition and living costs, to pursue an undergraduate course in mechanical engineering.

She is “thrilled”, Adeeba says, because “I have worked hard for this”. She is thankful to her parents for supporting her and to her mentor, Imbesat Ahmad, for guiding her through the preparatory courses and exams. Imbesat teaches at Srinagar’s RISE coaching centre, which has been tutoring Adeeba since 2015. 

Adeeba has always dreamt of being an aeronautical engineer and Imbesat believes she is within reach of realising it. “I am confident that UPenn is just the beginning,” he says.

Adeeba will be joined in the Ivy League this year by Moin Mir. The aspiring computer scientist from Srinagar has secured admission in Princeton University, also with a scholarship. Princeton is consistently ranked among the top three universities in the world for computer science teaching. It boasts 63 Nobel laureates, 14 Fields Medallists and 10 Turing Awardees. 

Since at least class 9, I dreamt of studying at one of the world’s best universities. “This success is the result of my schooling and lessons at ALOHA,” he says. “Then RISE not only counselled me about college admissions but also made me realise my potential.”

RISE also helped Emar Ali, another student from Srinagar, secure an admission offer from Purdue University this year and Sheikh Moazin from Princeton University and the University of Washington last year. 

“It gives us a sense pride and jubilation when we see our students achieve such results despite their difficult circumstances,” says the founder of RISE Mubeen Masudi. “I have seen these students prepare for SAT examinations without the internet, seen them being unable to get the books they needed due to disturbances in Kashmir. Their results are extremely significant, not just for them but for their juniors who will be inspired to chase similar excellence. I can already see the impact of Adeeba’s success. I see girls and their parents asking about SAT exams and willing to apply to the world’s best universities. Thanks to the feats of these students, many seemingly impossible dreams have been transformed into achievable goals.”