Precious words: Seth Rafi’s book awaits Cultural Academy’s nod for publication

  • Publish Date: Feb 5 2018 1:43AM
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  • Updated Date: Feb 5 2018 1:43AM
Precious words: Seth Rafi’s book awaits Cultural Academy’s nod for publication

                                                         Photo: Aqib Bhat/KI

The celebrated actor and writer suffered a stroke three years ago that has left him paralysed and unable to speak


On February 8, 2015, the comedian Seth Rafi suffered a stroke, leaving him paralysed and his family shattered. The stroke also left him unable to talk. He has found voice in the written word now: his book titled Firith Feranis likely to be published this year by the Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages.

His doctors had told Rafi’s family he would lose his memory, but he hears and understands everything now. “Thanks to the Almighty, he didn’t lost his memory,” his wife Qudsiya says. 

Qudsiay says Rafi’s illness left the family financially week given that he was their sole earner. “But we are thankful to everyone who supported us through the difficult times.”

Rafi is not only an award-winning actor, he has written many books and dozens of drama scripts as well. He has an impressive library in his home, where his family recalled he would shut himself in for hours on end to write what turned into Firith Feran in the months before he suffered the stroke.

“Sometime ago we were sitting when Rafi suddenly started mumbling. We didn’t understand at first. It was only after a while that we realised he was trying to say he had written a book and that he had given it to Dr Aziz Hajini and Mohammad Ashraf Tak to publish,” says Qudsiya. 

Hajini and Tak are, respectively,secretary and chief editor, Udru, at the academy.

Tak confirmed that he received Rafi’s manuscript. “We have a five-member committee that decides which of the books we get is worthpublishing,” he said. “Two members have responded positively and we are waiting for the others’ confirmation. We expect a decision by March. If we get a positive response from all members, Firith Feran will be published soon, inshallah.”