Seeking Science In Alamdaar’s Verses

  • Zia Shakir
  • Publish Date: Apr 23 2018 1:22AM
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  • Updated Date: Apr 23 2018 1:22AM
Seeking Science In Alamdaar’s Verses

Meet Ghulam Nabi Adfar, who writes books about the scientific wisdom contained in Sheikhul Alam’s poetry.


For most people, Sheikhul Alam’s verses are synonymous with spiritual guidance. But Ghulam Nabi Adfar has been exploring the saint’s work for scientific wisdom. And he has gained some interesting insights. 

It isn’t the easiest of subjects to examine, but Adfar has the credentials: he graduated from Wadura Agriculture College and got a Master’s in agronomy from the Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology. He later served as deputy director of the state’s agriculture department.

Adfar, 65, who lives in Charar-i-Sharief, Budgam, started his inquiryinto the saint’s work in 2006 and has published three books so far, notably Alchemy of Light, which was released in 2011. “Iwrote Alchemy of Light because wanted to understand Sheikhul Alamthrough the prism of  Science,” he says.“We have confined the saint’s life to the mystical realm but Alamdaar also talked about science and medicine.”

By way of example of the saint’s insights about matters of science, Adfarcitesthe following verses: 

Zazur cha’am hangrey 

Vyas na khund nabad te shakri


“It clearly indicates that Sheikhul Alam had an understanding of what we call diabetes now,” Adfar claims. 

Mo maaz pootiss mazaz ti badnas

Diluk gul gasyo kayas pal


This verse, Adfar claims, warns about gluttonous eating lest it cause diseases of the heart.

Zazur cha’am sheeray tunzar maryom 

Kya myon paye nazar durem 


This verse apparently talks about complications related to eyesight. 

Tyutue kheyzi yutie wayie

Tame hyour kheyze te vayi mo

Kandi boar gande moar pashie

Vuchvay shah dyaar layie mo


Here, the saint advises against letting one’s appetite and carnal desire get the better of one self. 

Rood myooth falas te jehtass

Maaz myooth cheth katas aasie

Rass myooth heanzas sass myooth batass

Ninder myeeth dralide katass aasie


“The verse clearly talks about our ecology and the bounties of nature,” Adfar says.


Adfar, who is now working on the third volume of Alchemy of Light, urges Kashmir’s younger generation in particular to not see Sheikhul Alam solely as master of spiritualism and mysticism. “I believe he should be recognisedalso as a scholarly personality with scientific temperament,” he says.“We have kept him in prison. He was not an illiterate mystic; he knew many languages as is apparent from the fact that he was familiar with Rumi’s Masnavi.”