A Quiet Corner All Your Own

  • Afshan Rashid
  • Publish Date: May 3 2016 11:36AM
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  • Updated Date: May 3 2016 11:36AM
A Quiet Corner All Your Own

Head over to Books and Bricks, settle down with a book, a cuppa and let the quiet warmth wash over you

If you are the kind that enjoys a quiet café where you can lose yourself in a book, only looking up to treat your taste buds, Books and Bricks is just the place for you.
     Nestled in the middle of the city, in Gogji Bagh opposite Amar Singh College and next to Amigo’s, the cafe beckons, always with a good book and a delicious meal.
     Books and Bricks, with its brick floors, rustic wooden ceiling, tungsten lighting and royal furniture, oozes warmth; and you feel it the first step inside.
The interior is tastefully done in a rustic décor. As you enter, the right wall is decorated withleaves from Reader’s Digest Collector’s Edition. Running the length of the wall on the left and in front of you are shelves stuffed with books, ranging from the classics to pulp fiction to scholarly works on religion.      If nothing in the collection interests you, well you can always take out your own favourite book and settle down.
     For those who aren’t big on tasting newer delicacies and just want a quiet corner to read, a big russet sofa is placed near the door. Further inside, on either side across from the bookshelves is an arrangement of tables with high-backed chairs, placed at various angles to allow enough natural light in.      Hanging over each table is a iron dome pendent light. The entire place is done in wood or glass, you won’t find one piece of plastic or steel.
     Books and Bricks is run by Arsalan Sajad and Danish Yousuf, childhood friends from Srinagar who went to study together at London’s Middlesex University. “We wanted to work for ourselves,” says Arsalan, explaining what motivated them to open the cafe.
     “The idea was to revive the dying ‘book culture’. We want to preserve that feeling, love and emotion of reading a book, which is on the verge of extinction due to the advent of technology,” he adds.
     This isn’t motivation enough for you to head to Books and Bricks? Well take this: it’s the only café in the valley that serves exclusively American cuisine. The menu is laden with delicacies. The mouthwatering waffle is dressed with icing sugar, chocolate and crème and is served on a wooden platter. Salads, pancakes and wraps come for Rs 100-450.
     And oh! they have real American burgers. Choose from among lamb, chicken or even vegetarian burgers – priced between Rs 150 and Rs 600 – and get munching. If you’rethinking the prices are a bit on the higher side, don’t worry; they have special discounts for students.
     The lamb burgers are especially delicious, made from juicy tender lamb patties dressed with fresh iceberg lettuce, cheese and a variety of sauces and sandwiched in perfectly baked buns. Trust me, you’ll come back for more. If you’re still not impressed, try the Eggy Pounder, which is a sort of a punch-packed update on the regular lamb burger and is servedwith fries and tomato sauce. If you are in the mood for something lighter, there are hot dogs,chips and sandwiches, all prepared fresh.
     The menu is ever expanding; Hawaiian Haystacks and Louisiana Creole are being coming soon, as is Make Your Burger, which would allow you to choose the ingredients and theirquantity.
     For the modern, tech-savvy touch, if you will, Books and Bricks enables its patrons to share their experiences on social media.
     The cafe may feel a little small if you are visiting for the first time, but the experience is anything but.
So, what’s keeping you?