Good physical regimen also helps keep good mental health

  • Dr.Shadman Pandit
  • Publish Date: Feb 24 2019 3:41AM
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  • Updated Date: Feb 24 2019 3:41AM
Good physical regimen also helps keep good mental healthRepresentational Pic

According to a report on mental health in Kashmir half of all residents of the valley have "mental health problems". The report found that nearly 1.8 million adults - 45 percent of Kashmir's adult population - suffer from some form of mental distress. The report says 50 percent of women and 37 percent of men are likely to suffer from depression, 36 percent of women and 21 percent of men have a probable anxiety disorder, and 22 percent of women and 18 percent of men suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Besides, as per latest data, one out of every three children in Kashmir is either obese or overweight. The percentage of obese men and women has respectively tripled and doubled in Kashmir in the past one decade, according to National Family Health Survey 4.

Obesity is the alarm warning of very little physical activity. Nowadays youngsters are spending most of the time with the gadgets and avoid doing physical activities. Using mobiles, laptops, watching TV in wrong posture is affecting their spine which ultimately leads to spinal disorders and obesity in younger age.

These things together unfold the metabolic syndrome, a package of various diseases and conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, sleep apnea, mental health problems, lower back pain, neck pain and more.

The relationship between obesity and mental health has been documented nationally and internationally in adults and children. Obese children are more likely to suffer from psychiatric disorders, depression, behavior problems, and social marginalization.

Lifestyle modifications can assume great importance in individuals especially with serious mental disorders. Many of these individuals are at high risk of chronic diseases associated with sedentary behavior and side effects of medications, including diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and cardiovascular diseases.

Good mental health is fundamental to the well being of individuals and their families whereas poor mental health is considered as one of the biggest causes of disability, poor quality of life and reduced productivity.

Physical activity has the potential to improve the quality of life of people with serious mental illness through two routes; by improving physical health and by alleviating psychiatric and social disability.

The goals of physiotherapy in this field include exercises that are beneficial for mental health and reducing obesity. Exercise reduces anxiety, depression, and negative mood and improves self-esteem and cognitive functioning.

Although everyone tend to be less active in the winter that might change if we knew physical activity actually boosts the immune system. That makes it easier to fight colds and flu. Winter can seem like a great excuse to hibernate indoors on your warm couch and push your fitness routine to the sidelines. However, winter is actually an important season to keep up with your active lifestyle. The winter months can make it easier to gain a few pounds and can set you back for the rest of the year.

So, how can you look past the frigid temperatures and get yourself up and moving? All it takes is a little creativity!

Join a gym or health club. Indoor gyms are your best friend during the winter. Choose one that is located close to your home or office so that a drive in the winter won’t keep you from the gym.

Ice skating. Turn winter festivities into a workout! Skating is a great workout not only for your leg muscles, but also for your abs and core muscles as you try to keep your balance. Depending on how fast and how long you skate, this activity can also be a great cardio workout.

Try a fitness class. Fitness classes will not only help you get in shape but will help keep you motivated over the winter months. Try out one that you think sounds interesting or enjoyable to do.

Exercise at home. Consult a physiotherapist for exercise routines suitable for your body and get yourself moving.

Take the stairs. You most likely have access to stairs whether it’s at your home, apartment building, or work. Stair climbing is an awesome fat-burning workout that will keep your heart rate up.

Play some indoor sports. The winter months are a great time to start playing some of your favorite indoor sports. A great way to keep your blood pumping well during winter. Playing with kids will keep you active and help you bond with your family.

Think of the winter as a time to get more creative with your exercise routine. Staying on track throughout the winter months will lead you to feeling even better than you usually do in the spring and summer seasons.

Keeping active and fit also helps keep better mental health.

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