Our Journey so far

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  • Publish Date: Apr 12 2016 4:24PM
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  • Updated Date: Apr 12 2016 4:24PM
Our Journey so far


 KashmirInk is now eight month old and in this period, the magazine has developed a dedicated and a growing base of the readership. Our stories are widely read and shared, in the process generating some debate and discussion. Our special annual issue which debated the need for a change in political strategy following 26 years of the separatist struggle is still in demand. However, the point here is not to wallow in some self-praise but to draw satisfaction from the high-points of our journey so far. The growing circulation of the Ink has encouraged us to work harder. The challenge  is to live up to the expectations of our readers and keep them engaged. Our job is not to tell stories for the sake of it but to tell them to reveal something larger and important about Kashmir. More so, in our cover stories which have either focussed the attention on some important  but neglected  issues or helped make sense of the complex reality of Kashmir. The interview of  the JKLF founder and the ideologue Amanullah Khan, first in a long time, is significant as it throws light on the least known aspects of his life and in turn, on Kashmir. The issue also has a long piece on Article 370 by A G Noorani. The extensively researched piece encompasses everything that you need to know about the all important Article that supposedly gives Kashmir its autonomous status in the Indian Union. But it is Amanullah Khan's interview that makes this issue special. Khan talks about everything from his days in Kashmir as a student at SP College, his attendance of Sheikh Abdullah's rallies, plunge into the struggle against New Delhi, association with Dr Farooq Abdullah and his utter rejection of the separatist participation in polls.