Widows Need Us

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  • Publish Date: Jun 20 2016 10:25PM
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  • Updated Date: Jun 20 2016 10:32PM


Our cover story on widows in this issue of the Kashmir Ink reflects our concern for them. Abandoned by the government and forgotten by the civil society, the poor widows have nobody to fall back upon. According to official data, around 150,000 pension cases, mostly of widows are pending clearance in the department of social welfare.  An editorial comment in Greater Kashmir on the issue last month evoked response from some quarters but the problem remains unaddressed to this day. Pertinent to mention, the  pension given by the government is too small to sustain a family for a month.  Besides speedy clearance of the pension cases, the government must enhance the pension. Let it be an amount that provides succour to the widow’s family for a month. The widows are suffering silently and have not compromised their dignity and honour for a living. They have exploded the myth that nobody goes to bed with an empty stomach in Kashmir. A scribe recently saw a widow looking for leftovers in a bin in a posh Srinagar locality. The indifferent and insensitive society has to wake up to address the issue. This is our collective responsibility and we cannot shy away from it.  Experts see a solution in social entrepreneurship. Fortunately we have the experts who can do the job effectively.  The people donate generously in the holy month of Ramadhan which starts shortly.  The funds need to be channelized and utilised properly. This alone can ensure their dignified and honourable living. There are some elderly widows who cannot be expected to work. There must be special packages for them. There must be provision for medicines as well.   And, last but not the least, we shall stand by the people in this noble endeavour. As part of our corporate social responsibility, we will not lag behind and shall try our best to extend help to them in whatever way possible. Together,  we shall overcome.