A young girl’s determined steps on a noble path

  • Darash Dawood
  • Publish Date: Aug 5 2018 9:37PM
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  • Updated Date: Aug 5 2018 9:37PM
A young girl’s determined steps on a noble path

Mankind has existed for thousands of years now and with each passing generation, there is a change in the general mindset of the successors. In a world where change is the only constant, serving mankind has been the only other constant which, through thick and thin, has been carried forward by the noble souls walking the face of earth among which are the Prophets of Mankind. 

People who devote themselves for the welfare of the social world have always been there and have been the guiding pillar of the society providing the strength to fight against social evils and immoral acts. Those soulful people with such high morale and spirit come together on various platforms and provide their services to mankind. 

One such shining star in this galactic world is Shafaq Khan, a 19 year old Kashmiri girl who is an avid poet, a photographer and a blogger too. An alumni of the IMI school, Shafaq is pursuing MBBS. Right from the beginning, Shafaq found interest in artists and aspired to be one. She wanted to work for the social welfare of her people. With firm support from parents, Shafaq draws her inspiration from her grandfather Dr. Yousuf-ul-Umar who is the founder of 'IMI SAKHAWAT TRUST'. She has been mentored by her father Er. Farooq Ahmad Khan and Mumin Bhat, Chief Editor of the magazine 'Captured Illusions'. Talking about her aim, Shafaq wants to fulfill her dream of opening a Cancer Hospital and an old- age interaction centre alongwith re-instilling the lost tradition of the Valley. With such high aims, Shafaq is on a beautiful & noble path. She started-off by forming an NGO by the name 'Concern'. She was a grade 11 student at the time of its formation. 

'Concern' has been through a growth process with only three core members to a healthy 30. The NGO has worked with many organisations and volunteered in numerous ways especially medicinal. 'Concern' has raised funds for 'Mohammadiya Charity Trust' and are currently working alongside the 'Kashmir Peace Network'. 

It started counselling sessions with drug addicts and found out the general cause as 'unemployment even after specialising in their respective fields'. 

So it started an event by the name 'Aalaw' which provided the budding youth of the valley with an opportunity to showcase their talent, with the aim to end drug-addiction in Kashmir. 

Kashmir has been a volatile area. Taking note of the situation around, Shafaq through her NGO 'Concern' held a seminar titled 'Kashmir: What now & what next', an event well covered by media. Till date the events organised by 'Concern' have been funded by the members of the group themselves and have never been sponsored. Speaking about the issue, Shafaq says that even though it has been hard but she is determined to continue and is hopeful that the group will attract sponsors soon.