Letting ideas flow

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  • Publish Date: Feb 15 2016 5:12PM
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  • Updated Date: Feb 16 2016 3:32PM

Kashmir Ink is just five months old. In this short span it has been our endeavour to come up to the readers’ expectations through an honest, in depth journalism. The response so far has been highly encouraging. KashmirInk is sought, bought and read. Our effort has been to add further depth and nuance to our reportage. Our cover stories have covered a range of subjects and issues generally skipped from the mainstream discourse, one of them including the story about the scores of youth – many of them teenagers – who have lost their eyesight after being hit by pellet guns through the uprising of 2010. But we are just starting. And to think of an ambitious issue discussing review and rethink of the local political strategy towards the resolution of Kashmir issue might seem impetuous. But that is what we have done. By the time we got a full measure of what we are up to, we were in the thick of it, seeking contributions from politicians, academicians, artists, journalists etc in Kashmir and also from New Delhi, Islamabad and the Kashmir diaspora. While selecting the writers we were chary of choosing only the people with known ideological and political predilections. Nor did we deliberately seek to get a diversified viewpoint, knowing that it will dilute and distort the dominant reality and sentiment in the state. Instead we chose to go random, asking as many people to write as we could accommodate between the covers of this issue. What was deliberate was our effort to seek the contributors occupying key political positions in J&K, New Delhi and Pakistan and also well-known people from civil society. The result has been first of its kind intellectual exercise on the lingering conflict in the state. The pieces offer some incisive new ideas and the approaches and also add to and enrich our understanding of the Kashmir issue. The purpose behind this issue is not a rethink of the fundamentals of the Kashmir problem but of the methods and approaches that have been employed to press its resolution. The objective is not to create a rationale for a shift in the existing separatist and mainstream strategies whose usefulness or otherwise we are far from objectively verifying but to dabble in the act of introspection and reflection, for its own sake.