Let’s Reimagine the Classroom

  • Publish Date: Feb 5 2018 1:36AM
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  • Updated Date: Feb 5 2018 1:36AM
Let’s Reimagine the Classroom

To really set young minds free, open up the classroom


Back when a school was nothing but an assemblage of “those who knew” and “those who aspired to know” at a common spot, a classroom didn’t seem to imply a sense of dimension, no physical boundary measured its extent as does today. Further, the absence of a defined curriculum and the prevalence of a broad outline allowed the teacher to mould the lesson in a way that engaged the students and laced the lesson with a practicality that helped each of the disciples in their personal as well as public affairs. A fair practice indeed!

Owing to people’s growing urge over the ages to control all things, the formless and pristine state of education has been given a definite shape, form and even physicality. A well-framed curriculum, a well-defined physical and a well-drawn testing method are all appropriate, so long as they don’t become binding for the student. The ancient Greco-Roman society functioned such that a student was to learn the philosophies of his teacher and on completion of his formal period of learning, he could contemplate all that had been taught to him in light of his own experiences and the ideologies floating in the society around him. The new philosophy thus formed was a comprehensive product of this weaving, ready to be taught to the next generation. What better way to allow the synthesis of brilliant ideas and philosophies that were to be remembered for centuries to come.

What our budding and seething young minds need today is a classroom that isn’t in any way dependent or inhibited by its boundaries as well as teachers who are willing to step out of the narrow confines of set curricula to sharpen their pupils’ senses to all that is around them. Remember that the destiny of a nation is shaped in a classroom.