Narcotics smuggling increasing in Jammu

  • Publish Date: Sep 24 2018 3:11AM
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  • Updated Date: Sep 24 2018 3:22AM
Narcotics smuggling increasing in JammuRepresentational Pic

Small recoveries of low-cost drugs like intoxicating capsules, poppy straw, cannabis, opium and other sedatives is now passé, not even a single month has passed when police, Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) or other agency didn’t recover major consignment of heroin from Jammu this year.

Concerning everybody in the society, among the arrestees were not only young boys, but women, police and paramilitary forces personnel.

Every time a catch was made, police and other agencies, through press statements, termed the recoveries as “surgical strike”, but they hardly held any press conferences after completing the investigations to let the press or the commoners know who are the people selling drugs among youth and why most of the recoveries are being made only in Jammu district.

A senior journalist said that most of consignments finally reach Punjab, where the demand of drugs is higher.

“Earlier, the agents would smuggle the consignments from IB in Punjab but now the security apparatus has been upgraded on Punjab borders by the local police and BSF. So the peddlers are now smuggling the narcotics from J&K borders which are porous,” he said.

On why the police don’t disclose the kingpins of narcotics trade, IGP Kashmir, SP Pani said, “This is a wrong notion. We produce challan in all the cases of recoveries in the court of law after completing the investigations and whoever found guilty is punished under law.”

On the notion in Jammu that most of the recent drug recoveries are made from the region despite the fact that the peddlers, most of the times, carried the consignments from Kashmir, Pani said, “It is not must that consignments are always carried from Kashmir to Punjab via Jammu. Sometimes, the drugs can be brought to Kashmir through the reverse route.” When asked about some recent cases, he said, “We’ve to look into such cases. I cannot comment without having knowledge of these cases.”


Major recoveries month-wise in 2018:




Five people were held on January 6 with 7 kilograms of heroin in Jammu’s Akhnoor village. Police said the seized consignment had markings of Afghanistan and Pakistan while it was to be transported to Punjab. According to police, the cost of the consignment was Rs 35 crore in the drug market.

On January 18, 110 grams of heroin worth Rs 10 lakh was recovered from two persons in Jammu’s Gangyal area.




Three drug peddlers were held on February 7 from TCP Nagrota with 13 kilograms of heroin and 20 kilograms of poppy straw.

As per police, the cost of consignment was Rs 65 crore in the international market and it was brought from Srinagar to be transported to Jammu.  Four people were held from Jammu’s Gandhi Nagar area on the 20th day of February with 600 grams of heroin and other contraband. Police said the consignment was brought from Kashmir and it was to be sold in Jammu.




On March 23rd, Trikuta Nagar police station seized 1800 grams of heroin from 3 drug peddlers held from Channi Pulli area along with Rs 2.35 lakh cash. A Border Security Force (BSF) constable was arrested on March 30 from Chowki Choura area of Akhnoor with 1 kilogram of heroin.




On April 26, a Jammu and Kashmir Police cop was arrested with 10 grams of heroin from district’s Valmiki Chowk area.




On May 15, a suspended policeman was among three people arrested in connection with heroin smuggling. On May 19, two women were held in Kathua’s Chak Drab Khan area and small quantity of heroin was recovered from their possession.




Another woman and a male drug peddler were arrested on June 1 with 40 grams of heroin worth Rs 40 lakh from Gandhi Nagar area.

On June 5, 9, 19 and 24, different consignments of heroin weighing 50 grams (Gandhi Nagar Jammu), 40 grams (Hatli Morh Kathua), 1 kilogram (Bhaderwah) and 30 grams (Samba and Reasi), were recovered from 9 people.  




On second day of July, 450 grams of heroin was seized from a man at Digiana Pulli, Jammu. The cost of the consignment in the international drug market was Rs 45 lakh.

A huge consignment of 14 kilograms of heroin was seized from two persons from Nagrota area of Jammu district on the 14th day of July. Another 20 grams of heroin was seized from Mansar area of Samba district on the last day of July.




On August 3, three people were held at Marheen, Samba and 55 grams of heroin was seized from their possession.

In the biggest ever catch by the Jammu police in the current year, on August 6 two persons were arrested and 50 kilograms of high-quality heroin worth Rs 250 crores in the international market was seized from Narwal area of the district.

The consignment was to be transported to Punjab. The investigation of this case was later handed over to NCB.

A Jammu and Kashmir Armed Police (JKAP) cop was held with 20 grams of heroin seized from his possession by Gandhi Nagar police on August 29. 




On the first day of September, the DRI Ludhiana team seized 1.8 kilograms of high-quality heroin worth Rs 9 crores in drug market from two drug peddlers from Ban Toll Plaza area on the Jammu-Srinagar Highway.

Later on the fourth day of the September month, NCB team claimed that it held three people from Kathua on September 2 and seized from their possession 22 kilograms of heroin worth Rs 100 crores in the international market. Rs 17.5 lakh was also recovered from a person of Punjab who had come to collect the consignment from drug smugglers.

On September 6, 4 people were held in Rajouri and Kathua districts with 29 grams of heroin. Probing the case of recovery of 22 kilograms heroin on September 2, NCB team on September 6 recovered another major consignment of 38 kilograms worth several crores from Lachipora, Baramulla.


Overall recoveries and arrests made in the recent years:


As far as major recoveries of the current year are concerned, the former  DGP SP Vaid told reporters in July this year that 70 kgs of heroin was recovered in Uri and 20 kg in Jammu. “Roughly 100 kg recovered here came from across (the border),” he said, adding that everybody needs to make efforts to save the current and future generations from this menace.

Official data reveals that till July 18 this year, the police arrested a total of 667 people in 542 cases under the NDPS Act in the State for drug peddling and smuggling. Of the 667 people, 214 were arrested in 163 cases in the Kashmir region and 453 in 379 cases in the Jammu province, the data said.

The data also said that as many as 12 alleged drug peddlers were arrested under the Public Safety Act (PSA) in Jammu and Kashmir this year as compared to 27 in 2016.

It said that as many as 822 people were arrested in 608 cases of drug peddling and narcotic smuggling in 2016, and this year 568.94 kg of marijuana was seized, five times more than the seizure made during this period last year in the Jammu region.

In 2015, 24.3 kg of cannabis was seized and 107 kg in 2016. In the case of poppy straw, this year 5,610 kg was seized against 3,268 kg in 2016 and 1,846 kg in 2015, it said.

There was a significant drop in the amount of brown sugar seized.

Last year, 13.1 kg of the contraband was seized against 1.306 kg this year. In 2015, the police had seized 4.4 kg of brown sugar, the data said. Till August 2017, 39.315 kg of heroin was seized against 64.143 kg in 2016 and 14.953 kg in 2015 in the same period, it said.

Until July 18 this year, police arrested 178 drug peddlers, 4 of them women, from Jammu district only.

“137 cases of drug peddling have been registered in the Jammu district. We’ve booked 178 peddlers including 4 women under different sections of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act,” DSP headquarters, Mansha Beg said in July this year.

She further said that last year, 251 cases under different sections of NDPS Act were registered against 357 drug peddlers, 10 of them women. Beg said, “In the year 2017, challan was produced in the court of law in 228 cases, while this year, challan for 84 cases have been produced.” Over 16,900 kgs of narcotics including 140 kgs of heroin and 374 kgs of cannabis items were seized and 1,213 people were arrested in 888 cases during anti-drug drives in 2017 in Jammu and Kashmir.

Then police chief SP Vaid said that 147 kgs of cannabis, 8,259 kgs of poppy, 140 kgs of heroin or brown sugar, 201 kgs of ganja were seized by the police during the period.

Similarly, 24,7341 intoxicant capsules and tablets besides 8,149 kgs of opium derivatives, 12,913 codeine phosphate bottles and 1,285 injections were also seized, he said.