30 Important Reads to Understand Kashmir Siege 2016

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30 Important Reads to Understand Kashmir Siege 2016


30: Scenes From a Funeral


“From my vantage point, I could see around 20 boys, their faces covered, standing in a circle around Burhan’s freshly dug grave. Burhan’s father, Muzaffar Ahmad Wani, a school principal was sitting by his son’s grave, lost in his thoughts and silently staring at the crowd in the distance. He didn’t utter a word. Nobody did. Suddenly, he turned around and looked for a long moment at the resting place of his older son Khalid, who lay one grave apart from Burhan’s.”

Read here: http://thewire.in/53549/the-funeral/



29:  A new generation of struggle by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq


“…we ask, by the world’s largest democracy that it sought freedom from the British when it’s land and people were subjugated and now it not only denies us in Kashmir that very freedom but even refuses to acknowledge our yearning for independence. All this because it is the subjugator this time.”


Read here: http://indianexpress.com/article/opinion/columns/burhan-wani-death-kashmir-protests-mehbooba-mufti-hurriyat-2909858/



28. Kashmir violence: Among the dead, engineer, farmer, imam and students


From a 16-year-old student to a 40-year-old farmer, The Indian Express tracks down the dead.


Read here: http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/kashmir-violence-among-the-dead-engineer-farmer-imam-and-students-2910120/


27. Kashmir, and the Inheritance of Loss


The authorities’ familiar silencing routine had begun again. Indian officials and thought leaders fell back on tired rituals of obfuscation and denial. But already one line of graffiti had appeared on every other wall throughout the entire valley: “Go India, Go Back!”


Read here:  http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/25/opinion/kashmir-and-the-inheritance-of-loss.html


26.  What exactly does azadi mean to Kashmiris? Why can’t it be discussed? Since when have maps been sacrosanct?


 “They are fighting for azadi. For this, they are prepared to face down bullets with stones. For this, they are prepared to die in numbers. For this, they are prepared to exhibit acts of open defiance that may lead to their death or incarceration in the most densely militarised zone in the world. For this, they are prepared to take to arms, to fight to the death, knowing full well that they will die young. They have proved that with tragic regularity. They have been nothing if not consistent.”


Read here: http://www.outlookindia.com/magazine/story/azadi/297536



25. Streetside Plebiscite


 At the moment, Burhan is undoubtedly an icon, a role model for many young Kashmiris.


Read here: http://www.outlookindia.com/magazine/story/streetside-plebiscite/297537


24. Stone Manifesto


“I’m just telling you what they think. I’m telling you, for them, you’re the Indian equivalent of the rabid, deran­ged Israeli settler dancing as phosphorous bombs melt the skin of Gaza’s children. The Israelis, at least, are clear in their hatred. You occupy and pretend it’s democracy.”


Read here: http://www.outlookindia.com/magazine/story/stone-manifesto/297544



23. Who Will Heal the Emotional Scars of Kashmir?


“The Valley will need mass counseling camps to enable people to deal with their deep trauma and misery. A psychosocial support system needs to be created so that the inner frustrations and grievances of people find a vent.”


Read here: http://www.thequint.com/kashmir-after-burhan-wani/2016/07/22/who-will-heal-the-emotional-scars-of-kashmir



22.  On hospital beds in Anantnag town in Kashmir, glimpses of a violent week 


Sara Begum said police barged into her home in Bijbehara. “They wanted to take my son. They started beating him and I tried to save him. They kicked and beat me. One of the policemen picked up a wooden hammer we use to tenderise meat and hit me with it,”


Read here: http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/on-hospital-beds-in-anantnag-town-glimpses-of-a-violent-week-2916748/



21. Why Kashmir Media is Muzzled


“Unlike Indian media channels, they question whether an Indian soldier has the right to be in Kashmir in the first place. They are more answerable to the local people than an air-dropped “war correspondent” from New Delhi who wears a cricket helmet and embeds himself with troopers in a bullet-proof vehicle, roams around in the curfewed city and acts like he is covering the war in Syria.”


Read here:  http://indianexpress.com/article/opinion/columns/kashmir-protests-media-muzzled-2924535/


20. Silencing Kashmir: The two faces of Facebook in Kashmir


“One user lamented the censor saying: “it seems Mark Zuckerberg has taken over as the Thanedar (SHO) of some police station in Kashmir” after Facebook took down videos, pictures and posts over the existing situation in Indian-held Kashmir.”


Read here: http://www.dawn.com/news/1272236


19. Engine oil in Kashmir fire: Protesters make men in uniform keep standing

“Locals say the used engine oil is probably acquired by the youth from garages. And as another summer of discontent unfolds in Kashmir, the oily attack has added a new dimension to current round of protests.”


Read here: http://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/after-stones-engine-oil-now-riles-security-forces-in-srinagar/story-ev35UPw5JE6BKGPhpCB9dL.html



18.  Behind the rage in south Kashmir


“While Masood was battling for his life, Khan picked up stones and hurled them at the security forces. “The police took his corpse and demanded that we should bury him in the night,” he says. “His [Masood’s] father told them, ‘He [Masood] is my only son and everyone should see his funeral.’” Masood’s funeral attracted large crowds. Eulogising him as a “hero”, women tossed sweets at his coffin. A month later, the police arrived outside Khan’s residence at midnight and placed a ladder to the second-floor window of his bedroom. They jumped in, dragged him down the staircase and whisked him away. It took him several hours to come out of the “shock” and realise that he was in a police lock-up.


Read here: http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/mehboob-jeelani-on-jammu-and-kashmir-violent-clashes-behind-the-rage-in-south-kashmir/article8856105.ece


17.  A journey into the heart of Kashmir's crisis


"I wish I was in the house, I only wish. For three nights, I have not slept. The image of my sister naked haunts me. It won't let me sleep. For the last three days, I have only thought of murdering the policemen who stripped my sister."


Read here: http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/2016/07/journey-heart-kashmir-crisis-160715115636351.html



16. The Many Tamanas of Kashmir


“Tamana finally made her way back home from SMHS Hospital with just 10 per cent vision recovered. This state of almost blindness could be permanent. From here on, the beauty of the Valley will appear to her as a blur of green. At nine, she doesn’t even know what a pellet is. All she knows is that she shouldn’t have peeped through the window.”


Read here: http://www.arre.co.in/politics/tamanas-kashmir-violence-burhan-wani-hizbul-mujahideen/



15. India is blinding young Kashmiri protesters – and no one will face justice


“In its intransigence over Kashmir, the Indian state has, among other things, waged a narrative war, in which it tells itself and its citizens via servile media, that there is no dispute, that it’s an internal matter – and whatever troubles there are in the idyllic valley are the work of jihadis from Pakistan. This gives the state easy demons to portray and then slay.”


Read here: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/jul/18/india-blinding-kashmiri-protesters-justice-steel-pellets



14:  Kashmir in Crisis


“Troubling questions about the timing and the circumstances of Mr. Wani’s death remain unanswered. So too are questions about the apparently indiscriminate use of pellet guns. These and other questions argue for an independent investigation into the use of force by security forces, and for the reform of practices — including censorship, communications blackouts, and those allowed by Afspa – that are unworthy of India’s democracy.”


Read here: http://mobile.nytimes.com/2016/07/21/opinion/kashmir-in-crisis.html?referer=http://m.facebook.com


13: Kashmir: Step and Repeat

“In 2006, I stepped into the family home of Inayatullah Bhat, a young baker who was shot and killed by security forces for demanding that they pay for the bread he baked. In the protest following his murder, I watched his younger brother lay comatose on the floor with his arms over face, helpless. Sound familiar?”


Read here: http://www.huffingtonpost.in/entry/kashmir-step-and-repeat_us_578a4615e4b0cbf01e9fdc52


12: Pellet guns cause severe eye injuries in Kashmir


Fearing profiling and reprisals of injured youths by police, hospital officials have assigned serial numbers to pellet gun victims to hide their identity. This development came after it emerged that undercover police officers have been roaming in hospitals hunting for injured protesters.

"I was out to get medicine for my mother when a group of soldiers appeared suddenly and fired on me. There were no protests at that time," an 18-year-old student of Budgam district told Al Jazeera.


Read here: http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/inpictures/2016/07/pellet-guns-blinding-eye-injuries-kashmir-160713083300883.html



11: Kashmir unrest: These aren't 'non-lethal pellet guns' – they're shotguns and they can be deadly 


“For the Indian government to assert that “non-lethal pellet guns" are in use is patently false. This has succeeded in confusing everybody into believing that something akin to rubber bullets, paint balls, or an air gun is being used when what’s been employed to curb protests is, in fact, a conventional weapon designed for armed combat.”


Read here: http://scroll.in/article/812229/kashmir-unrest-these-arent-non-lethal-pellet-guns-theyre-shotguns-and-they-can-be-very-lethal


10: Dispatch from Srinagar: Our nights are becoming longer and darker

“In the corner of Ward 16, a 10-year-old boy lays on the bed, watching volunteers swarming the room with food and drink. The pellets are still inside him. There are hundreds like him.”


Read here: http://www.dawn.com/news/1270341/dispatch-from-srinagar-our-nights-are-becoming-longer-and-darker




“Burhan’s images were tranquil and content. There was never a hint of violence in those images, despite the weapons that always remained in the background—those weapons would appear to be arranged as proud signs of defiance rather than as crude instruments of violence. The dramatic co-existed with the mundane. In one video, he is playing cricket with grenades strapped across his body juggling clangorously. His enthusiastic comrades, with similar gear, are running after the ball. How risky, I thought when I saw it; yet I could not shake the feeling that his joie de vivre was infectious.”


Read here: http://raiot.in/the-restored-humanity-of-the-kashmiri-rebel/


8: Beyond the crossroads


“Over the years, an image has been cultivated in the corridors of power in New Delhi that is profoundly colonial in its denial of any kind of mature rationality to the people of Kashmir: the latter is thought to be either so childlike in its simple-mindedness or crazy as the mentally unhinged that Pakistan is apparently able to turn the tap of mass unrest on and off at will.”


Read here: http://www.telegraphindia.com/1160721/jsp/opinion/story_97764.jsp#.V5Jn1vl97IU


7. I felt I would choke to death: Confessions of a policeman in Kashmir


“To kill time, I call my butcher friend Mushtaq and he tells me how many flies he killed with the swing of his kitchen knife and how many of them he has rendered wingless and which cannot fly now. He always forgets the count and I always warn him that the flies will someday wage war against him. His cruel laughs end the day for me and this cycle continues.”


Read here: http://www.firstpost.com/living/i-felt-i-would-choke-to-death-confessions-of-a-policeman-in-kashmir-2881536.html


6. India’s rigidity - A bad news for Kashmir


“A rebel’s killing leads to protests in disputed Kashmir; Indian police break it with all might. More deaths follow. More stones are hurled. More police stations or chowkis - seen as symbols of tyranny -are set on fire. More bullets are fired. More funerals and protests turn into full-blown demands for independence from India. The cycle gets repeated.”


Read here: http://dailytimes.com.pk/pakistan/19-Jul-16/indias-rigidity-a-bad-news-for-kashmir


5. Force feeding India to Kashmiris

“Obviously, the population is forced to watch channels they are offered and watch helplessly as its the prerogative of the channel editors to decide whom to include in the discussions, if at all there are any, on Kashmir. After all, Kashmir does not fetch many TRPs and as one producer told me last year there is not much Bollywood thing happening in Kashmir either these days.”


Read here: http://www.tehelka.com/2016/07/force-feeding-india-to-kashmiris/



4. ‘No one among us is the PDP or NC now’


“Only azaadi,” says Abdul Rashid, a schoolteacher in Urwan Poshwan village. “Don’t write we asked for government probe into killings of our young men or sought any concessions from Mehbooba Mufti or her government. For the last several years, we have tried everything. We held on to straws, hoping for resolution of the Kashmir issue. We put our hope in talks. We put our hopes in the promises of politicians. But now we are ashamed of having trusted the lies of the Peoples Democratic Party, like we once trusted the lies of National Conference.”


Read more: http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/kashmir-violence-protest-burhan-wani-killing-residents-condition-communication-ban-no-pdp-nc-2922551/


3Pellets blind 14-year-old Insha forever

Victim’s dream to be become a doctor shattered, say relatives

“She used to say she will have no time to play next year when she would be in Class 10th,” a relative of her said. Insha, her relatives said, was an inspiration for her two younger brothers. “She was a perfect sister, a perfect daughter,” her mother said, and broke down.

Read here: http://www.greaterkashmir.com/news/kashmir/tragic-pellets-blind-14-year-old-insha-forever/222869.html


2.  Father of four tortured savagely in Kulgam village


“They held me by the legs and dragged me all the way to the camp (about 500 metres). There I told them for god sake give me some water. They bought a bottle of urine and sprinkled some of it on my face. But the worst happened when…”


Read here: http://kashmirreader.com/2016/07/21/father-of-four-tortured-savagely-in-kulgam-village-2/



“Along with the media, there is a new peace brigade of progressive Indian intellectuals. They claim their neutrality, they are not siding with the state but want to be equidistant from the people protesting on roads. In the name of “concerned citizens”, they have signed the petitions against human rights violations and appeal for ‘peace’ but they do not want to engage on the questions of military occupation, self-determination or evade this discussion by saying –we do not want to go in history, we want peace for our fellow Kashmiris.”


Read here: http://raiot.in/blind-indian-state/


Compiled by Muhammad Faysal (@_Faysal)